3 Amazing Applications of Pneumatic Valves

A pneumatic valve has an array of applications, and various industries prefer them for the benefits they offer. First of all, since air is used to make the pneumatic system work, there are endless reasons why they are a better option. While they have many applications in different industries, here is a list of 3 applications for pneumatic valves that you should know about.

To control flow

If you know a pneumatic valve, you would know they come in the smallest sizes as compared to any other valves. Also, since pneumatic valves offer a wide variety of flow ranges, they are pretty versatile in their application. Most of the industries would be able to use pneumatic systems for this reason.

Offer third port for great versatility

When we talk about check valves, they make sure that the liquid in the system flows in one direction. While the traditional check valves are uni-directional, which means the liquid will flow only in one direction. However, then you would find pneumatic check valves that have a third port that lets the fluid flow in both the directions as you add pressure. This means the valves can also be used to check the flow and devote it to just one-direction, and otherwise let the liquid flow in both directions. This has a multitude of applications in various industries.

type of pneumatic valves

Improved efficiency

A type of pneumatic valves that are called solenoid valves is very energy efficient. These solenoid valves are called latching solenoid valves, and the amount of energy they consume is minimal. As they switch from one state to the other, that is the only time they need power. This results in huge savings of energy, power consumption, and capital. Many industries that require more of a power free operation use solenoid valves- the most energy efficient form of pneumatic valves.

Pneumatic valves have a wide range of application not just for these three new and innovative features, but also because of an array of other features. Pneumatic valves make use of air, which is an inexpensive resource. They are also a cleaner valve system, making them an essential component in industries where cleanliness is a top priority, like medical and food processing and manufacturing industries. Furthermore, they are highly adaptable, effective, and reliable. Whether small or significant operations, they have quite flexible features. All you have to do is- know what kind of pneumatic valve your industry would need and make the right choice.