Burns Sustained during Hot Waxing in a Salon: Can you Sue for Pain and Suffering?

If you or your loved one has suffered an injury through the services of an established facility such as salon, it is possible to sue the service provider for pain and suffering caused by the injury. Note that it is advisable to consult with a knowledgeable attorney before filing a lawsuit about the burns. He or she will help you determine if there is enough evidence to pursue the matter.

While the injury can be minor and not life threatening, it can lead to permanent hair loss. Going through unnecessary suffering from a bad experience at a beauty shop can bring mental anguish and discomfort.  In this case, you can sue for pain and suffering caused by someone’s negligence at the beauty salon.

It is wise to get medical attention for your injuries as soon as you realize that you or your loved one has sustained mild or severe burns while undergoing a hot waxing procedure. Also, you should keep the relevant medical records and expenses associated with your subsequent treatment. Take photos to record the progress of the injury since it will assist you to establish your case and offer documentation of the injury. Filing a lawsuit for burns sustained during hot waxing treatment, according to The Walker Morgan Law Firm, is a challenging task. Thus, you should work with a reliable attorney.

Causes of Injuries from Hot Wax

Even though the hot wax can cause serious burns, the intensity of the injury will depend on the parts of the body affected. When applied to the head, hot wax can cause permanent hair loss. Most of these beauty salon injuries happen due to lack of proper training and improperly preserving the tools in a store. Hot chemicals and equipment used with or on hot wax might increase the likelihood of the injuries.

Lawsuit and compensation

Once you have collected enough evidence that shows the injury was caused by someone’s negligence, you have the right to seek compensation for pain and suffering. Remember, the hot waxing burns must cause enough damage for you to have a valid claim.

If the beauty salon has an insurance cover, the carrier might opt to offer a settlement for the claim. This will serve as a substitute for the legal process in many ways if the salon has a policy. Another way to get compensation is settling the issue out of court with the beauty salon or insurance company. In this case, considering all the possible options is vital.

Your claim might have some aspects that help strengthen the claim — for instance, the failure to pretreat the regions where the wax will rest. Others include the use of contaminated tools or wax that has some chemicals which can react badly on the skin or hair. The facility might point out issues that can weaken your claim. These include allergic reactions since they don’t have prior information of this or how to avoid the injuries cause. Another factor is if the client fails to follow the correct procedure and directions when using the equipment.

Seek legal help

The attorney assigned for litigation or other forms of pursuing compensation must review the factors and details of the lawsuit. Pain and suffering are the main aspects of the harms owed to the victim when nursing the injuries from the salon.  A reliable attorney will strive to get the compensation that you deserves.