Can Your Instagram Account Be Hacked

This is one serious question that pops up in every one’s minds quite often. And the answer for it is that, yes, every Instagram account can be hacked. Now, would you know if your Instagram account has been hacked? You could, when you see that unauthorized content has been posted from your account, or if anyone of your friends tell about some messages or comments that were sent of which you have no idea of. In all of these circumstances, you can think that your account has been hacked. To know more about how a hacker can hack into your account visit Instaport.

Let’s now check out how hackers can get hold of your Instagram account.

  • Use of weak passwords – Passwords should be difficult. You don’t put passwords just so that someone can go on guessing them easily.Instagram hackMake it a point that you regularly change your passwords – Your password might be something that you put for your account several years ago. Now, think of the number of times you logged in from other systems or smartphones, the number of best friends that might be having your password, and the places you would have noted down your password. No exact count right! Which is why, you should change your password very often.
  • Make sure that your email account is secure – Even though you might have registered your Instagram account using your phone number, you still would have an email address associated with it. Make sure that your email account is not hacked by someone.
  • When you log in with some other device, make sure that you log out properly – There is a “Remember Me” checkbox that will be checked every time you log out of your Instagram account. If you have logged in to your account form another device or system, make sure that this check box is left unchecked.

These are all just the major steps that you can follow in order to secure your Instagram account from being hacked. Always remember that hacks into Instagram accounts are always possible. So take measure to protect your account. Also, gather information on how hackers break into accounts. A good place to start your research on hacking an Instagram account would be at Instaport.