Check pregnancy without any equipment or strip at home!

A women body is a very complex system. A major change in the body is faced in the period of pregnancy. Every woman should pay close attention to every little change while pregnant but how to check pregnancy? There are a number of ways to check the pregnancy. The best ways are considered as HCG tests but it can also be determined with the help of some home tests.

The first change in the women body is not occurring of periods. There can be other reasons as well for not having the periods such as sudden weight gain or loss, but still considered as the primary change. Implantation bleeding is another major sign but it is little difficult to identify as this is almost like periods. This causes light pain and light bleeding with brown color.

Nausea and Vomiting: Nausea is an early sign; one can feel at the time of pregnancy. This is also called morning sickness as this can happen anytime and even a little smell can make a woman uncomfortable.

Breast pain: during pregnancy, women breasts start paining. They can increase in size little bit and nipples will become darker.

Mood swings and craving: A change in the behavior of the women can easily be observed. She may seem to lose temper more easily. Sometimes, she may feel upset whereas sometimes, she may ask for something different food. It can happen anytime.

Fatigue and insomnia: Due to various changes in the body, a woman feels more tired than the usual days. She may also feel difficulty in sleeping. Headaches can also be the cause and sign of the pregnancy, so don’t get worried.

If there is still a doubt, prepare a home pregnancy test that can easily checkpregnancy. It does not require anything special to check and conduct the test. Here are some very accurate tests a woman can perform:

Urine Test: The test is very easy to perform. Just collect the urine in a vessel and leave it untouched for about 3 to 4 hours. In case of pregnancy, there will be the formation of a white film form on the surface of urine.

Toothpaste test: This is another efficient test in which urine is collected and the white toothpaste is added to it. It is kept standstill for a couple of hours and if it changes the color, there are more chances of pregnancy.

These tests are little old-fashioned as today most of the women prefer HCG tests which are very accurate.