Drink purified water to stay healthy

When one talks about reverse osmosis, it is actually a chemical treatment done on water. It is a process where water is passed through some specialised membranes and it exerts a certain amount of pressure so that all the solid substances, foreign contaminants and large molecules get removed from the regular tap water. Thus, it is termed to be a complete water purification system.

When one uses RO purifier it means that they can get improved water in return which they can use for drinking purposes and cooking purposes as well. When one drinks purified water, it means that they are getting healthy water. Here are some benefits of drinking healthy water.

Free of Lead

Once the water goes through the filtering system, it means that the process has effectively removed all the lead present in tap water and has made is safe for consumption purposes. If water is filled with lead then it can result into the increase of blood pressure level and can increase fertility problems in a woman. It can also create problems with muscles and nerves. Lead also leads to severe anaemia and brain damage in children. So, there should be no lead in regular drinking water.

Safe for Cancer Patients

It is safe for the cancer patients to drink RO processed water when they are undergoing treatments. This is because; these patients go through chemotherapy and radiotherapy which weakens their immunity system. So, if they drink non purified water it can be very harmful for them. So, they need to drink purified water all the time so that no infection can cause harm there.

Filters Cryptosporidium

According to many studies it is said that reverse osmosis processed water do not contain cryptosporidium which is mainly present in the contaminated water and it is a kind of parasite. This parasite when enters the body can affect the small intestine and it causes a lot of stomach cramps and diarrhoea. This can be very harmful for children as they can also experience dehydration due to this.

Removes Sodium

This RO process can easily remove sodium molecules from water. There are large sodium molecules present in regular tap water and when they are processed the large sodium molecules cannot pass through the semi permeable membrane and as a result the water that comes out after the process is clean and devoid of any sodium molecules. As a result, the blood pressure of a human body remains under control.

These days a lot of water purification systems available in the market. One needs to buy a machine which suits them and install it soon. But not only that, one has to maintain those machines as well. If they are not well maintained then the water quality that they provide can decrease. One needs to clean the machine and change the filters inside once every year to keep the machine running and to make it durable. One can also call aqua fresh customer care if they face any kind of problems with the machine.