Hotels Vs. Inns

Too often people book a generic hotel room that lacks character, is staffed by annoyed employees who don’t like their jobs, and one that costs more than it’s really worth. All of this trouble and dissatisfaction when they should be booking an inn instead.

Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the greatness that comes from staying in an inn or a bed and breakfast. I’m going to compare hotels and inns and then let you decide which you’d rather visit the next time you travel.

Level of comfort

Hotels aren’t completely uncomfortable, but the sheets, blankets, pillows, and mattresses are often stiff or stained.

Additionally, you risk having your sleep interrupted by someone in another room or commotion in the parking lot since hotels have many guests who might bring additional guests.

At an inn, you can almost guarantee your mattress will be comfortable and the blankets and pillows will be fluffy, warm, and soft.

There’s a chance for sleep interruption no matter where you stay, but the odds are much lower in a B&B since there are so little guests. There aren’t numerous people coming and going at all hours of the night and the guests who are around likely chose an inn because they wanted peace themselves… so the chances of them bothering you are little to none.


Whether it’s because hotel employees are tired from a heavy workload or they simply slack off sometimes, it’s no secret that hotel rooms are often dirty.

The great thing about inns is that they’re either run by people who actually own and live in the home or there are very few employees working and they know the owner personally. This means that everyone is held accountable for the cleanliness of the inn, not to mention that there are few rooms which makes it easier to keep up with chores.


Worried about free parking, wi-fi, breakfast, or tv?

Don’t worry, B&Bs have all those things, too – and their breakfast is fresh.

Overall, B&Bs offer everything and more than what’s available at many hotels. Book an inn for your next trip and see for yourself!