How to register for marriage in Hyderabad?

Do you feel like giving certification of marriage to your current relationship? If you are thinking it’s going to be easy, well it’s not going to be. It is going to be as simple as threading a needle. There is a specified procedure for registering your marriage. You can apply for marriage registration at sub-Divisional Magistrate’s office with your spouse on any working day. And the next step is to fill the application form and it is mandatorily signed by both the husband and the wife. Your documents will be verified on the day you fill out the application but a date will be fixed for appointment for completing the procedure of marriage registration. Now, the date that has been fixed, the couple has to visit the office with a gazetted officer who was present during the marriage. And if application is accepted, your marriage will be registered then and there and certificate will issue at that very moment.

Documents required

When you are visiting the office of Sub-Division Magistrate, you have carry a bunch of documents with yourself. Firstly, the application which has been filled and signed by both the parties i.e. the husband and the wife. Now, after that you will have to submit a proof of address that can be a voter ID or Ration card or passport or driving license of both the parties. And a proof of date of birth of both the husband and the wife have to submitted. A marriage photograph and two passport sized photographs of the husband and wife individually have to be submitted. Marriage affidavits have to submitted separately (in the predefined format). Aadhaar card and marriage invitation card have to be submitted also. And finally remember that all the documents have to be self-attested.

Now if you want to register your marriage in a perfectly legal way, follow the procedure and if you are still not satisfied then you can always consult a lawyer for marriage registration. There are many advocates for marriage registration in Hyderabad. When you are trying to find a marriage registration advocate in Hyderabad, you should do a thorough background check about the advocate. There are many outstanding lawyers but there are many fraudulent ones in the market as well. So, you have go to be careful about that as well.

Finding a lawyer for marriage registration is not a very tedious task. If you want, you can always find a lawyer for yourself on the internet. There are many websites on the internet which will multiple display lists of lawyers with their ratings (in stars). All you have to do is select an advocates for marriage registration in Hyderabad which has maximum ratings with very good reviews and obviously their fees should fit your pocket. You can never put the budget out of the picture. With the documents mentioned above and a good marriage registration advocate in Hyderabad, you will successfully register for your marriage and with ease.

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