Investing in coins: some main advantages

What is the investor primarily interested in? The answer is simple – the profitability of investments made! But even the most popular methods of modern investment have both their advantages and disadvantages. The investor only needs to determine which solution in his case will be justified and rational.

Better than OMS

We can say that tangible values ‚Äč‚Äčeven in the current virtual world remain in high esteem. The coins are somewhat similar to anonymized metal accounts. However, the advantages of coins are still there. If only because the investor (or owner) they are handed over. That is, they can be taken from the bank, which can not be said about many CHI. But most often precious metal ingots in a bank are not insured against the financial instability of the bank itself, and investors are stifled by VAT established on depersonalized metal accounts. Therefore, it is much more profitable to invest in silver or gold investment coins . The owner can store them as he wants: in the same bank cell, in his house in a safe, or somewhere in a cache.

Bit coin

The first reason is the elimination of intermediaries

Those who have crypto GDAX in their wallet can use it without having to look for an intermediary. For classic currencies such as the euro, more intermediaries are needed. But many do not even realize this. From this point of view, cryptocurrencies are similar to cash: transactions can be direct, individual. This means that the commission does not go beyond the scope of the transaction. In addition to the available balances, there are also no spending limits. No approval is required for someone to spend large amounts of money, and there is no territorial barrier. Transactions are fast and cheap, free and obscene.

At first glance, these benefits may seem insignificant. But the one who tried at least once to transfer a large amount abroad. I quickly realized how useful they are.