95% of Asian people consuming bread, you chose to bet on a perennial profession: baker-confectioner. Qualification, choice of location, level of investment or hygiene rules: here is everything you need to take into account before going from intention to action

What constraints?


Holding a bakery requires at least two people with complementary skills: a baker and a salesman. The opening hours and the nature of the project may also lead you to hire additional staff:

A double qualification

The manager, his collaborating spouse or one of his employees must hold a bakery-pastry qualification (CAP, Bac Pro or professional certificate) or have at least three years of professional experience in the European Union. On the other hand, for any registration in the Directory of trades, an internship preparation for installation (30 hours of business management training) is mandatory.

Health and safety rules

A bakery is a food business. Its leader must guarantee the traceability of the products he buys and/or processes, and comply with European regulations on health safety.

Trade rules

In addition to respecting the rules of establishments open to the public, a baker is required to display the price charged for each product. These are free, but it is forbidden to sell at a loss.

How to prepare your implementation?

Analyze the local market and the existing offer

Before you set up, conduct a market study and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your future competitors: bakeries, but also supermarket chains whose prices, very attractive, can deprive you of a part of your customers.

Define your project precisely

Creation of recovery, with or without tea room … no business knows the same profitability. Even if you do not borrow, make a business plan to analyze all the parameters and ask the right questions.

Characterize your added value

Making good bread is essential, but not enough. The harder the competition, the more you will have to stand out thanks to a “plus”: schedules, creativity, organic products, etc

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Choose your location

Street traffic, parking, proximity to schools or business areas: the more a bakery will be located in the heart of the city, the better it will work. Its location will also have an impact on your business: near the offices, you will sell more sandwiches the week … and less bread on Sunday.