When we talk about golf we must look at its history as it is one of the oldest games in the world. So if game is old then its ground also is very old and prestigious. One such golf course is in Florida. Pensacola golf course is the oldest golf course in Florida states of USA. Being oldest it has many things to cherish about, its design and construction is very unique as it was built in 1902. Since 1902 it has provided many services to golf player and to its members.

Features and facilities of Pensacola golf course

As it was built very early at that time only royal families or royal people use to play golf. So it was very necessary to have some royal facilities in the club. Club is designed with two dining rooms where you can get delicious food all the times.

Pensacola golf courses,

Other facilities involve banquet services, pool for refreshing, gym for maintaining fitness and all in all great golfing experience. This club is just like a second home to its players or to its members. As being the oldest golf club you can get a chance to view many historic things in the club.

History of the club

Having discussed about its facilities and structure of the club it is now time to look at the history of Pensacola golf club.

  • 1902: in this year this beautiful club was setup for the time in the country. This club was two-story where at initial time one can also get chance to play tennis.
  • 1950: in this year club had won many titles by the help of some of their best golfer like Ellis Knowles, who won national title 2 times. Pickett jones is also one of the greatest golfer of this club.


Pensacola golf courses is not only oldest but one the prestigious club in the world. With nice design and facilities it gives players nice opportunity to play their natural games. Every golfer wants to perform here. So this makes Pensacola such a great club and great golf ground.