Proxy Server Pros and Cons That You Need To Know!

Proxy Server is being referred to as a “proxy” which is a server in the form of a computer software system or application that acts as a gateway. It may also act as an intermediary between the internet and a certain group of computers that makes up a local network. The proxy works as it takes the requests to get passed between these two points (an endpoint and a network) and performs them on the requester’s behalf. The proxy has its pros but it also has its own cons.

The advantages of using a proxy server

  • Proxy servers keep an individual’s IP address hidden. Since the proxy acts as an intermediary between your device and the webpage, the website will not be able to log your actual IP address and will instead log that of the proxy.
  • Proxies provide an extra layer of protection from malicious websites. They can also get used to filtering access to the internet in which they could get used to restricting access to certain types of websites for educational establishments or workplaces, and in the same way, may get used to prevent access to websites that may seem to be malicious and may contain viruses.
  • They can allow you access to restricted contents. Since a lot of online services and content can be geo-restricted these days, most often due to copyright laws. Through the use of a proxy server, it is possible to bypass geo-restrictions.
  • It reduces a website’s loading time. Because of a proxy server’s ability to cache data, it is being enabled to store that version of an accessed website and display it faster to a user whenever they next request it.

Proxy Server

The disadvantages of using a proxy server

  • The proxy provider will be able to see your IP address. This is the reason why you should choose your proxy provider to remove all possible hacking.
  • As part of the SSL stripping, an attacker may downgrade a site from HTTPS to HTTP without you being able to notice it. Thus, stripping off the encryption and exposing any data you are sharing with the site.

Although proxy servers have their benefits and are a simple yet effective tool. Yet, you must always look for the right server especially if you are looking for long-term anonymity and data protection – VPN or encrypted browser will be more appropriate.