Teaching and learning have evolved over the years. Today while some teaching methods continue to be very theoretical and information based other forums are pushing the boundaries to employ more innovative and easily understandable teaching techniques. To access such a refreshing form of education you must visit Skillshare classes.

Website features:

It is an all time online service for learning various kinds of skills including creative, business, technology and lifestyle related skills. It uses the medium of well explanatory and innovative videos to explain and give an insight about a particular topic which students can watch at the comfort of their homes when they visit http://HiBenjamin.com online. People with experience and skill in the fields can also offer to teach online by the process of video making. The website offers a one month free unlimited access to thousands of classes which can be a helpful way for the students to get a demo prior to any purchases to assure quality for payment. There is a further premium membership which can be availed to get the best access and additional creative learning.

Innovative classroom features:

  • The video lessons are demarcated within time slots on the basis of the subtopics therefore making it easier for the student to access or revise a particular subtopic.
  • It is accompanied by a community of students to promote healthy discussion about the topic and gain further insights.
  • The lessons are easy to understand with adequate audio explaining the video and concluded with helpful tips for reference.
  • Several class projects are included at the end of every teaching session to enhance the creativity and skilful growth of the participating students.

Hundred thousands of students in the form of followers are actively obtaining knowledge from this online classroom service. It focuses on active visual learning rather than rote learning and therefore proves to be an efficient learning service that not only provided knowledge and insights but encourages creative growth. For all those who want to learn about creation and technology, Skillshare is your one stop destination.