Stay Cool in Summer and warm in winter with Double Glazing

Double glazing is everywhere. Its superior insulating properties make it the perfect choice for homes, offices and other buildings. If you’re looking to make a home improvement that will help retain warmth in winter, it’s a great choice – but can it help keep your home cool in summer, too?

How Does It Work?

In single-glazed windows, when the sun hits the glass the molecules begin to vibrate, radiating heat into the room. In double-glazed units, there is a gap between the two panes of glass. Heat has to bridge that gap and heat up the inside pane before it can reach the room beyond, keeping you cooler for longer.

Double glazing is rated for its energy-efficiency from A+ to G, where A+ is the highest and G the lowest. While older units simply had a space between the two panes of glass, more modern units either contain a vacuum or argon gas, which are far superior at insulating. When looking for double glazing in Leicester or elsewhere, ask the company you contact about their energy-efficiency ratings.

Double glazing is rated for its energy-efficiency from A+ to G, wherever A+ is that the highest and G very cheap. Whereas older units merely had an area between the 2 panes of glass, a lot of fashionable units either contain a vacuum or element gas, that area unit way superior at insulating. once trying to find window in Leicester or elsewhere, raise the corporate you contact concerning their energy-efficiency ratings.


In order to be truly energy-efficient, double glazing needs to be kept in a good state of repair. If the seals deteriorate, it can allow moisture into the gap between the panes. Water is a good conductor of heat, and its presence will lower the insulating properties of your windows. You’ll be able to see if this is happening if there is condensation in between the frames. When this happens, the units will either need to be repaired or replaced by a reputable Double Glazing in Cheltenham firm like the ones found at 

Finding the right company can be daunting. FENSA, the Competent Person Scheme for the industry, have put together this guide for finding a reputable firm to repair or replace your windows:

In warmer countries, where double glazing isn’t enough to control the heat alone, houses are often built with shutters which create another layer of insulation from the heat outside. It’s a rare day in England when shutters are needed, but you can create the same effect by closing curtains or blinds on very warm days.

So there you have it: not only does double glazing keep you warm in the winter, but it will help keep you cool in the summer, too.