Stud Earrings – What are they?

What are known as stud earrings are a popular type of ear jewellery which are made from a small item which fits onto the earlobe and does not hang down. And whilst the size of different studsmay differ somewhat, earrings that extend beyond the perimeters of the earlobes are not usually included in this category.

One of the identifying features of this type of earrings is the way in which they are fitted onto someone’s ear. In everycase, they are held in place with a fastener on the back of the ear, instead of a hook.The different materials put to use and the colours and shapes of the materials to make studs can differin range and price.

There are Various Qualities When it comes to Types of Stud Earrings

There are some pairs out there on the market that are very inexpensive and are made from non-precious metals. You will find them being made completely of metal or may be decorated with enamel, glass, resin, or plastic components.

And then on the other side of the coin, there are pairs of studs that are extremely valuable. Swarovski earrings have stud earrings which are made with precious metals such as gold, white gold, and platinum.

Beautiful Precious Stones

The adornments can be beautiful,precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, or emeralds. The size and the quality of the stones will greatly determine the cost of such earrings and are easily distinguishable from the much cheaper types. For the females out there, stud pearl earrings are also popular and you will often see women wearing them.

In Between Prices

And naturally, there are also plenty of earrings which fall in between these two category types. They are made from more affordable kinds of metal, like sterling silver, and can include natural stones, but are also likely to have gems fitted that are semi-precious rather than precious.

These stones will usually include the likes of turquoise, amber, quartz, amethyst, or garnet. These types of earrings can be somewhat large as studs go, without being overly expensive. For the majority of folks a piece of turquoise, for instance, is a lot less expensive than a diamond of that same volume.

Often Sold as a Set

You will see on the market, that there are many cases where stud earrings are made up as part of a jewellery set which includes a necklace.

  • Due to studs being rather small as earrings go, they are frequently put together in a set with large, elegant necklaces.

This is carried out so that the wearer’s ears are slightly accented, but the necklace is the featured item. But, there are also other circumstance, where the necklace is slightly more unassuming and the entire look is meant to be indeed subtle, yet beautiful.

Whatever kind of stud earrings you’re looking for, take a look online and you may be surprised at the range of visually attractive top quality products you can find.