The current market is characterized by being competitive, very competitive, where there are many companies that saturate the market and sell the same products as you, and where consumers are increasingly insensitive to the commercial stimuli presented. The need to differentiate is no longer enough but it is necessary to go one step further, it is necessary to reach the customer, know their most hidden preferences, in short, discover those elements that are likely to directly or indirectly cause a purchase, the purchase of your product. That is why we briefly review the most important aspects to consider when creating a good package. Click here for electronic packaging design rockford mi.

The shape

The design of the shape of a container has always been an element of discussion between the marketing department of the company and other departments such as logistics: one seeks its adaptation to the preferences of the public and the other functionality.

When we are facing a container, its own design works as an element reminiscent of memories (priming) and makes us remember past consumption experiences (if we have consumed it) or makes us imagine how that experience will be thanks to the previous knowledge that we have stored in our memory. Visit this site for electronic packaging design rockford mi.

The color

There are studies that indicate that more than 90% of people say that color is the 1st factor that influences their purchase decision on a product. Here the importance of this variable is observed, which is also the primary stimulus that most favors the generation of contrast with the rest of the elements to attract the attention of consumers in a linear fashion.

Each color has its intrinsic meaning associated; blue evokes security, black exclusivity, orange represents joy and creativity … and depending on the sex of the person will have one result or another due to the differences between men and women. This visual stimulus affects in depth the perception that the user has pre-consumption of the product, generating categorizations in the consumer’s brain about what type of item he is buying; economic product, exclusive product …

electronic packaging design rockford miSimplicity

It is the secret of any successful product launch strategy. Our brain is vague; it likes simple and direct designs that do not involve extra information processing and consequent unnecessary energy expenditure.

The purchase decisions are made in a few seconds, and in that short time your packaging design has to impact the consumer and transmit all the necessary information for their potential choice.

The simpler the better.

Clear and direct communication

Since the product is seen for the first time, we only have a few seconds to transmit all the key information necessary to help boost the closing of the sale.

The informative communication, the brand identity and the emotional dimension that it is intended to transmit will connect in a more direct way with the limbic system of our public the clearer and simpler this information is .