The process of water purification

There is nothing more comfortable and pleasant than opening the tap of our house and having a good drink of water. But this is not possible in many homes because the water does not have the purity recommended. Although all cities must comply with regulations when providing drinking water of a certain quality, only some cities have water that is good enough to drink directly from the tap, including Madrid, but even in these fortunate cities, the composition of the tap water can be improved by filters that will make drinking tap water even better than bottled mineral water (in some cases, tap water is already better than bottled water).

Activated carbon filters:

The activated carbon filters and purifies the water when we make it flow through it. There are different versions of this filter, which may be blocks of activated carbon (more effective) or granulated activated carbon (less effective). Although boiler pretreatment cincinnati it eliminates bacteria and other microorganisms from water, in addition to improving the taste and smell of it, it does not eliminate substances such as arsenic, fluorides, nitrates . Depending on the type, there are some activated carbon filters that retain asbestos, mercury, lead and VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Ceramic filters:

This type of filter is based on the filtration of water by the microspores of a ceramic piece that is generally shaped like a candle. It is one of the most traditional filtration systems and is very effective in eliminating all types of microorganisms and particles in suspension, but they are not capable of retaining chemical contaminants. Other advantages are its reliability and durability, which can extend up to more than 20 years.

boiler pretreatment cincinnatiLime filters or decalcifiers:

They remove lime from the water by means of a mechanical ion exchange system. Magnesium and calcium present in water is the main responsible for lime formations. To capture these elements, a resin is used that is crossed by the water flow and that generates an ion exchange (retains calcium and magnesium ions and releases sodium ions).

These resins need to be regenerated or “cleaned” every so often, for which the decalcifiers are equipped with a salt deposit. They are also usually equipped with a decalcified water meter to know when regeneration is necessary. The quality of the resin of the softener is fundamental for its proper functioning. These systems are highly recommended to increase the useful life of our appliances and to consume healthier water.