Warehouse racking is an important and integral part of the infrastructures associated with warehouse. The acceleration and hindrance of different operations of warehouse depends on the warehouse racking used in the warehouse. When there is an efficient and proper warehouse  racking, the general optimization of the business is guaranteed and much needed space is created in the warehouse. This gives rise to the productivity of the business. There are differentand many kinds of warehouse racking systems, otherwisecalled the pallet racks. Pallet racks can be in a wooden form, metal and others. All type of  pallet racks are used when palletized materials are needed to be stored. Whileloadingpallets on racks for storage, the truck which is known as forklift is used. The warehouse racking has feet high and as such forklifts areneeded for the loading process and storage of products. This truck is an integral part of pallet racking system. You can used pallet racks in warehouse, retail centres, and others. You can get warehouse racking at the shelf n store in Singapore. Warehouse racking comes in different forms like the drive-in pallet racking, selective racks, etc. Getting your warehouse racking at shelf and store gives your warehouse the expected space and this cause you to have more product in stock.warehouse racking


  • Before choosing the kind of warehouse racking system that will suit your warehouse, you need to consider some factors like:
  • The cost of the warehouse racking system is very important as their prices differs. So depending on the money you have, you can make a purchase at shelf n store company. You can also make an online payment.
  • Before you purchase any of the warehouse racking systems, you need to know the available floor space in your warehouse.
  • Knowledge of the warehouse ceiling height is of paramount importance.
  • The number of pallets you want to store, together with the pallet size and type.
  • The product shelf life.
  • The forklift type and the height of the lift must be considered before requiring a warehouse racking.