Tupik Ceylon toothpicks – cinnamon for a blooming moment

In olden times, Ceylon cinnamon has been one of the most costly export items. There are records of deal in Ceylon cinnamon as outlying back as ancient Egyptian, Babylonian, Arabian, Venice, Greek and Roman times. It was mostly prized for its health in the Middle East. The source of cinnamon was kept as a top secret from the Mediterranean and Western world for centuries by the Arabs who shielded cinnamon trade to protect their control. But these days it is well known that cinnamon toothpicks came from the tiny Island of Sri Lanka situated at the tip of India.

cinnamon toothpicks

Once upon a time, cinnamon was considered more expensive than gold. In fact, it was the hunt for Spices that led to the exploration of the world and cinnamon was the most attracted spices that the Westerners to Ceylon. Tupik is a specialized supplier of cinnamon toothpicks in Sri Lanka and determined on supplying high quality toothpicks made from Pure Ceylon Cinnamon to fulfil the demand from local and international customer base. Tupik Ceylon is a unique and native to the tiny Indian Ocean Island of Sri Lanka.

Why Tupik?

Tupik is not just a regular toothpick, but is far ahead of that. Normal toothpicks are helpful only after a meal to remove particles of food between teeth, but Tupik Ceylon toothpicks are entirely different to that. This is created with pure Ceylon cinnamon which gives you a range of health benefits than you would ever imagine. Additionally, these are made with a merge of Cinnamon Leaf and Bark Oil for spicy hotness and sweetness. The Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil provides super hot and the Bark Oil adds flavor and a slight sweetness.

Tupik Ceylon maintains the reputation of Sri Lankan cinnamon as the best which is produced and exported in the world. They are the only specialized supplier of cinnamon toothpicks in Sri Lanka focusing on the specialty market for toothpicks in the world. As a result, each and every time they concentrate on providing the best quality toothpicks that could satisfy our customers. Tupik comes in a different package like, smart pack, 100 and 200 pieces in wooden holder, and paper pack. They also undertake bulk purchase orders.  Some of the maximum benefits of this tupik product are listed below,

  • No artificial ingredients
  • Freshens the breath
  • Reduce the amount of germs in the mouth
  • Natural and free of sugar and calories
  • Used to curb snacking between meals, as a breath freshener
  • Removes particles of food between teeth
  • Effective against tooth decay
  • Promotes healthy gums

Cinnamon is an inexpensive alternate to breath-mints and chewing gum because it gives a slight sweetness. Chewing cinnamon may boost brain activity because it is made with Birch wood. Consuming little Cinnamon each day may reduce blood sugar & cholesterol because it has excellent antiseptic properties. This also provides smokers with an enjoyable substitute for tobacco when they really need it to cure smoker’s breath and bad breath.