Understanding More About EMC Testing

The pressure on new products in the market at a lower price and as soon as possible has never been higher. This is a real battle to support projects within budget and on time, and also to try to manage with a minimum number of employees. Furthermore, when it comes to most electronic products, they must comply with the EMC and susceptibility requirements so that they can be accepted in the global market. In most countries, there are special rules that protect public safety and susceptibility tests are important for the reliable operation of the equipment. This is especially true in military or aerospace applications. That is why the EMC tests for the company are an important detail that is taken into account and is the main development requirement.

The need for such evidence is something that can not be circumvented, and each country will have its own requirements when it comes to it. Some companies perform pre-tests with internal engineers who know how to create the right EMC test environment. Others are outsourcing to specialized laboratories with extensive knowledge regarding global electromagnetic regulator standards. These professionals have the equipment, experience, and EMC test resources needed to provide the perfect solution for those who want EMC compliance testing.

emc testing

Frequent questions 

  1. What is the EMC test?

This type of test is related to the study of unintentional reception, as well as the generation of electromagnetic energy and the relationships with systems and other electronic devices within the same proximity. The scope of this test is to detect the electromagnetic output of the devices and reduce the interference that it can cause to other devices. The tests also determine the susceptibility of a device to the electromagnetic energy emitted by other devices. 

  1. Do I need to perform EMC tests on my product?

For companies that want to market electronic products, EMC tests are vital for their adoption in the global market. EMC is an investment to protect customers who use products, as well as to improve reliability, especially in hostile environments. It is absolutely necessary for military and aerospace applications, and the standards are even stricter. The use of EMC test equipment facilities for compliance testing and problem solving is usually done internally at the time of design, and then the final certification is carried out in a specialized laboratory where several rules are followed that must be followed in different countries

  1. What EMC test equipment is part of the basic test configuration?

A good test configuration will include: a spectrum analyzer, a biconical antenna, a logarithmic periodic antenna, a horn antenna, a set of near field sensors, a comb generator for site tests, a preamplifier, a stabilization network of linear impedance, an antenna tripod and a transient suppressor for emission testing.

You are probably curious to know who is facing the EMC test you need. Well, you should not worry, since the testing process is under the direct supervision of a team of engineers, and they are all people with experience and knowledge in this field. These people not only have experience in the EMC test, but have also designed electronic hardware for many years; This is because they have so much experience that they can provide a unique service and ensure that the FCC compliance tests are of the highest level.

If you are wondering why you should choose a specific company for an EMC test, since there are many to choose from, you should consider several factors. By choosing a company determined by its reputation and reliability at the same time, you know there will be no delays in the testing process and, of course, there will be no charges to add. The price you will have to pay will correspond to the services provided, and it will undoubtedly be affordable.


It can be difficult to introduce a new product in the market, regardless of the category, price or innovation it represents. Finding a company that performs an EMC test in a professional manner is the first step towards acceptance, and getting compliance with the FCC is one of the most important aspects you should consider. Feel free to connect online as soon as you can and get more information on this topic. Learn about the benefits of emc equipment partner, as well as the price guaranteed by these specialized companies.