Varieties Of Candles To Choose From

If it is an indoor ambience or if one wants to set up a mood outside with some soft lights; candles always fits the bill. Adding candles to any space not only makes it aesthetically beautiful but is also makes it comfortable with the amount of lights that are needed.

One can buy candles online India because there are loads of shapes and varieties available these days. They come in a lot of scented and perfumed varieties and some plain varieties as well. They can be very colourful as well. Here are some major varieties of candles that one can buy so that one can buy and brighten the space.

Flameless Candles:

These candles are easy to use at home during both day and night. These flameless candles can create a very warm atmosphere. Unlike the traditional and regular candles they never give off any smoke or heat. These are battery powered one and they are designed in a lovely way to flicker in way which looks like a traditional candles. These candles can be programmed to be lighted at any time of the day. One can also use the remote control to easily turn then on or off.


Teal Light Candles:

They are very lightweight and small candidates and these candles are very much versatile. These candles though can burn not more than for 2 hours. Once can use these candles at a dinner party when they are hosting it at home. The guests will be loving it as these candles set up the mood right away. They can also accentuate a living room area.

Candle Pot:

As the name says, they do come in a glass or a jar or a pot. They are designed in such a way that it is very easy to set them up around any room in a home or also in a commercial area. One does not need any candle contraption to set the candle in it and then illuminate the area. They are not only visually appealing but they do come in a lot of perfumes that do smell delicious. One can also use a single candle pot (scented) when they are taking a bath as the smell soothes the nerves.

Votive Candles:

They do come in smaller sizes and they are supposed to be placed properly in a container before they are lit up. They are named like that because they need a hand or a votive holder before they are lighted. They are though small in size but can lit up the room really well and they are smokeless. Also they can burn for a long time.

Taper Candles:

These candles are timeless because they can serve almost every candle moods. Be it a romantic dinner or just to light up a cosy room, they can really fit the bill easily. These candles can burn up to 10 hours and so one can use them more than once.

One can thus buy candles online and look for the above mentioned varieties.