Visit before the most beautiful place vanishes:

There are several lost places Berlin which are quite beautiful and it is quite sad to see these sort of properties getting vanished. The main causes of abandoned properties are the Soviet Union getting hold over the properties and mending it accordingly, East Germany and West Germany having different ideas for the property use, one among these causes is the opening of new clinics and the old ones not finding popularity. There are several places like

  • VEB Kühlautomat
  • VEB Milchhof
  • The Müggelturm
  • VEB Rewatex
  • The S-Bahnhof Siemensstadt
  • Schloss Dammsmühle
  • The School of Anatomy

School of anatomy as lost place Berlin:

Despite having closed doors of the place for several years the vandals finally found a way to get into the abandoned anatomy school of Berlin. There are not many things that have remained in the place but the shards of the glass and some medical tissue paper strew that are laying across the floor of the abandoned place. Too heavy to steal yet too sturdy to smash the massive metal blocks really occupy the empty rooms of the school.lost places berlin

There is a presence of slight smell of the chemical wafts through the floor, the lower corridors are covered with some sort of rainwater, paper and all that mixed gives a certain smell. One can spot an old lecture hall with the rows upon rows of the wooden seats waiting to be torn down which is now silently staring at the chalkboard covered with graffiti.

The property is available for sale now and it indeed will take few years for a person to build something over the place by tearing down the property or maybe renovating it.  Till that time one can only hope for the place to get some rest and peace, sometimes daydream about how it would have been in the days of finest running, corridors filled with students and books over tables. Out of so many lost places Berlin, this has remained the most talked place and yet it to years for people to get inside the place.