Why tech gurus prefer Movavi Screen Capture Studio over Bandicam?

Are you on the lookout of a reliable screen recording software? Now, screen capture software programs are nothing new in the tech market. But then, not all such programs would be compatible for you. For example, Bandicam screen recording program by Bandisoft is one of the most popular options. However, tech gurus usually prefer the more advanced Movavi Screen Capture Studio today. Why? Well, here goes a brief that will help you to understand why the Movavi tool scores better over Bandicam.

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More variety of recording options

As per bandicam review, the Bandisoft screen capture software is able to capture a lot of things. From Skype sessions, webcam footage, online live streaming videos and so on. It can also record audio, make screenshots, demos and software tutorials. On the other hand, the Movavi Screen Capture Studio can also record all those which can be recorded by the Bandisoft counterpart- and MORE.

screen capture software

Yes, Movavi Screen Capture Studio stands out in the competition by its exclusive ability to capture audio and video from various sources as separate tracks. This feature is especially helpful when you have to record your webcam and desktop and then edit them individually. You don’t get such facilities with Bandicam.

More editing functions

Movavi Screen Capture Studio offers extensive editing facilities along with screen recording feature. It comes with an in-built video editor that can split & cut your videos, add special effects, animated transitions and titles to your videos. It can also help with noise removal from the recorded video.

But no such facilities are available with Bandicam. For editing functions, you have to get an additional application from Bandisoft called BandiCut. The additional application too can help beyond mere splitting & cutting of video clips.

So, with the Movavi tool, you have the function of 2 programs in one- recording and editing.

Supports more formats

The Movavi program is designed to be compatible with all popular video formats so that you can easily share your recorded video with any browsing device or phone.

But Bandicam supports only AVI and MP4 format.

More support options

Bandicam offers many kinds of support like email, community or forum and video tutorials/manuals/FAQs. But it does not offer live chat support. The Movavi tool offers all kinds of support including live chat.

Bandicam works only for Windows

Bandicam lacks versatility as it works only for Windows users. But Movavi Screen Capture Studio works for both Windows and Mac systems.

Important features of Movavi Screen Capture Studio

  • Ability to capture live streaming videos automatically based on set timer
  • Comprehensive editing facilities for professional touch-up on videos
  • Ability to save videos in any format
  • Ability to share videos on social media and YouTube

Useful tips for users

If you are uploading the video for YouTube for mass view, don’t forget to bone it up with special effects.