Tips & Tricks that every First Time Investor should consider before investing in Mutual Funds

Everyone knows that Investment is a long-term plan which is why it should be treated carefully. One must have the essential knowledge about it before actually investing. Even though there are ample investment options that are available in the market, Mutual funds are the most useful and trusted ones. It is also a fruitful investing idea that comes with a long-term perspective for an investor.

Now before we discuss mutual funds and their schemes or other related issues, the first thing that should be done is get a good idea about the basics which is why here is a little bit of information given below.

What is a mutual fund?

It is usually defined as an investment opportunity, or we can say a product in which the investor’s funds are combined into an investment product. Later on, this product is invested in stocks, bonds, shares, etc. to get a good return in the future.

You can invest in mutual fund plans through various modes like bank, direct plans, independent financial advisor, and wealth management firm, or even through online brokers on the web.

However, if you are a player of the game, you must know the rules; instead, being a first-time investor, you need to know a few points.

Here is a key point:

  1. Updated KYC document: This is one of the first and the foremost step after which you can invest in mutual funds. In India, it comes under government regulation for financial transactions and is very important.
  2. Must have fixed targets: An investor must have his needs to define budget, tenure, and financial plans to know how much amount is need to put aside for an investment.
  3. Risk consideration and selection of suitable fund type: Everyone knows that higher return schemes have more chances of risk. Being a first-time investor, it is not advisable to do so, but if an investor really wants, then he can choose equity funds; else, debt funds is a perfect choice with less risk and low investment.
  4. Always chose one fund: One thing that you must do and keep in mind is that Always choose one fund and must consider factors like fund manager credentials, expense ratio, assets under management, and also portfolio components.
  5. Select SIPs: For the first-time investor, SIPs are the perfect choice that helps to expand investment and that too at different market levels.

Even though investing in mutual funds can be tedious due to the various different plans to choose from, you must know the risk factors and affordability of it.

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Author: Lovika