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Manufacturing Business Hiring

I have worked with Kane Partners in the past for several positions… They initially took into account the requirements and created a comprehensive candidate profile. They presented candidates from this profile for positions that are both qualified and suitable for the social skills we need. Honestly, I would hire everyone they sent if I could. Thank you!

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They have been working with us since very early in the company’s history. With few exceptions, the best of our engineering and scientific talent has been recruited through them. Additionally, Kane Partners knows this space extremely well and is well spoken of in this space. Most importantly, they are quality people and do not compromise on their integrity and honesty; They are a first class partner to do business with.

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Kane Partners is a full-service IT Staffing Talent Agency. We are widely recognized in the world of full-time job placement and contract staffing. Our staff has an average of over ten years of recruiting experience. We place IT professionals in a variety of industries including Technology, Engineering, Manufacturing, Finance, Sales, Marketing and Creative.

Many of our customer relationships are built on trust, understanding and process. Our areas of expertise include technology-focused positions, but we serve a variety of clients who appreciate our process and the quality of our candidates. Hiring top talent in the manufacturing industry is a subtle art. Success can be achieved with the right manufacturing recruiting strategies and a keen understanding of the industry’s unique demands. Join us as we explore effective techniques for attracting, evaluating and hiring the best manufacturing employees, ensuring your team is well equipped to foster innovation and excellence.

Before diving into the techniques, let’s take a look at the hiring landscape in the manufacturing industry The manufacturing industry is the cornerstone of global economies, producing everything from automobiles to consumer goods. Hiring manufacturing workers involves more than finding candidates with technical skills; It requires consideration of various factors that contribute to successful adaptation.

How To Overcome Manufacturing Hiring Challenges

Manufacturing roles require specific technical skills such as machine operation, quality control and assembly. Assessing candidates’ skill sets through practical tests and simulations ensures their abilities are aligned with the demands of the role.

A successful production team thrives on collaboration and harmony. Considering candidates’ compatibility with your company culture and existing team dynamics is essential for a harmonious and productive work environment.

In a rapidly evolving manufacturing environment, adaptability and willingness to learn are critical. Identifying candidates who embrace new technologies and processes ensures your team remains competitive and innovative.

Now that we’ve laid the groundwork, let’s move on to effective techniques for recruiting and hiring top talent.

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Form partnerships with technical schools, trade organizations and manufacturing associations. Actively attending career fairs, workshops, and industry events allows you to connect with potential candidates early in their career journey.

Prepare job descriptions that not only outline responsibilities but also highlight the role’s impact on your company’s success. Use language that conveys the importance of the role and growth opportunities in your organization.

Incorporate virtual tours of your manufacturing facility into your hiring process. These immersive experiences provide candidates with a glimpse into the workplace environment, encouraging a sense of excitement and connection.

Replace passive traditional interviews with skills-based assessments. Candidates demonstrate their skills through hands-on tasks that reflect real-world production scenarios. This approach provides valuable insight into their capabilities.

How A Recruitment Software Helps The Manufacturing Sector Hire Faster

Conduct behavioral interviews that dig deep into candidates’ past experiences and actions. Probing questions reveal problem-solving skills, teamwork, and adaptability—important traits for success in production.

Create recruiting teams that include representatives from different departments. This approach ensures that candidates are evaluated from various perspectives, enabling versatile and informed recruitment decisions to be made.

Once hired, provide onboarding and training programs that equip new production workers with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. Foster a culture of continuous learning to keep your team at the forefront of industry developments.

Recruiting the best talent in manufacturing is a pursuit that requires a holistic approach. By combining technical skills assessments, cultural fit assessments, and recruiting techniques, you can ensure your production team is equipped to succeed in a competitive and constantly evolving environment. Revolutionize your recruitment process with our insights; Request a demo starting today. If you found this article helpful, check out our other resources on MSP recruiting and even the Fedex Hiring Process. You don’t need anyone to tell you that there is a significant labor shortage. You only need to look at your open positions to find evidence of this. With the Great Resignation, job opportunities reached record levels: 800,000 every month.

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Although major efforts are being made to bring talent back to the United States and recruit the next generation, labor shortages are an obstacle that must be overcome. But all is not lost. One study found that perceptions have changed, largely due to the industry’s response to the pandemic. But more work needs to be done to attract and retain top talent.

Money is often a good start, as are leave rights and greater schedule flexibility, but companies need to think harder about rewriting the cultural narrative to better reflect their current situation. Technology is reshaping the industry, but our hiring tactics don’t reflect that. We show how working for a manufacturer is an attractive proposition for talent with the skills and background to succeed in the industry.

With such a labor shortage, it can be tempting to focus on training and recruiting the next generation of people to work in the industry. But this is not enough. We can’t wait for an entire generation to grow up and enter the workforce. Instead, turn your attention to implementing the right systems to make the job offer more attractive to talent of all ages. The following are often the best places to start:

The promise of entering industry is to be part of reinventing our relationship with our means of production. Sales potential sparks the excitement of fundamentally rethinking our approach to engineering. This is a huge opportunity, but many manufacturers fail to market it and focus most of their attention solely on applying technology to digitize processes.

Benefits Of Hiring A Staffing Agency For Manufacturers In Mn

Even if you don’t rethink the engineering approach overall, you should enable innovation pathways. How do you transform a physical system? How do you empower both your potential and existing team members to innovate?

Take Tesla for example. Instead of the engineering group delegating designs to the group, the two collaborate on an ongoing basis throughout the process; This is almost unheard of in the automotive industry and is changing the approach to the automobile.

The appeal of an opportunity for top talent can be summed up in one word: diversity; background, talent, idea, etc. variation. While 84% of executives think they create equitable and inclusive environments, they also understand that more work needs to be done.

Whether it’s a design team or a product line, recruiting efforts should focus on attracting talent from all walks of life, backgrounds, and fields. This also means fostering a company culture that rewards diverse talent. There’s no point in getting someone in the door if you haven’t created an environment that allows them to succeed. Without diversity, it will be impossible to keep up with innovation and fill your ranks with people who can not only get the job done but go above and beyond.

Recruiting Strategies For The Manufacturing Industry (2023)

It’s no secret that jobs are misclassified as repetitive, low-paying, and with no advancement opportunities. As you know, nothing could be further from the truth. The impact of technology on the industry has made it a hugely exciting field, but unless you spread the word, talent remains unheralded. This is a huge loss when talking to Gen Z candidates, as these digital natives expect to use technology in innovative ways in their work.

Start your campaign early by detailing what it’s like to work in the industry. Attack high school, college and university campuses. Create a narrative around various positions. If you want to overcome a workforce shortage, the solution can often be found in the way you tell your story.

Reskilling offers to existing employees

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